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Luxury Residential Suites in the heart of the UN district

Enjoy Ownership with complete peace of mind and Attractive Returns!


Luxury hotel touch-points and the home comforts of residential living


Guests can stay for as little as one night or as many years as they like


Prime City location close to key business districts and United Nations HQ and embassies District


In-house management teams delivering
24-hour services and support


Solid Returns

• Luxury residential suites in the heart of Nairobi’s Diplomatic area offering solid returns. 

• The only rental investment with the option for personal use.

• Tamarind Tree Suites Rosslyn will become the most desirable    address in Nairobi.

• No other development in Nairobi offers the exceptional quality, hotel-    style facilities and fantastic location of Tamarind Tree Suites Rosslyn.

• Designed for business professionals, Tamarind Tree Suites Rosslyn is    a property that gives the flexibility today’s modern city tenant and    diplomatic staff is looking for, with amenities that deliver a home        away from home experience

• Tamarind Tree Suites serves an undersupplied market, is    incomparable in quality and situated in the heart of East Africa’s    business destination.

Tamarind Tree Suites Gallery


Site Plans

Apartment Floor Plans

Hotel Style Facilities that add lustre to living. 

Enjoy ownership. As an owner, you may sell your serviced apartment unit for capital gains or transfer ownership to a family member.

Effortless management. Your purchased serviced apartment unit is fully furnished, managed and serviced. You simply collect your share of the revenue.

Attractive investment returns. Managed by world-class hotel operator with established brands, ensuring occupancy and room rates are optimised.


Buy to live:

All the comforts of home, all the perks of a hotel!

If you want to buy an affordable apartment that’s close to work and right where the action is, there is no better option than Tamarind Tree Suites, consisting of sophisticated, ergonomically designed one and two bedroom apartments.


Buy to invest:

• A solid investment opportunity.
• Buyers of apartments will be placed in the rental pool managed by      Tamarind Group (TTG)
• TTG will also manage all the common areas services.
• Unit owners will own a share in RHML, who will appoint a board of      directors to make decisions over the general wellbeing of the    development.
• Unit owners will sign an exclusive letting agreement with RHML.
• Letting through third parties will not be allowed for security reasons.
• Upon completion, the developer will assign the reversionary rights of    the title deed to RHML.
• So whether you buy one or ten apartments, you can always feel rest     assured you’re in safe hands and an excellent investment.
• Plus, all maintenance and services are handled by Tamarind Group,        so the only thing you have to worry about, is what to order for your    next meal!


Buy a home away from home:

If you’re a business commuter from another city, a regular visitor from across the border or someone who just wants a convenient home base in the heart of Nairobi, there’s no better investment than a Tamarind Tree Suites Rosslyn apartment.

It’s the perfect lock-up-and-go that will provide you with a passive income when you are not in town.

What a lease entails:
• Buyers of apartments will be placed in the rental pool which will be managed by Rosslyn House Management Ltd (RHML) who in turn will assign the day-to-day management and branding to The Tamarind Group (TTG).
• No maintenance issues. Our on-site maintenance team handles the upkeep of your unit.
• We have selected all the furnishing for the apartments down to every detail.

Operated by The Tamarind Group

We have got you covered by partnering with the most renowned name in the hospitality industry The Tamarind Group. They are a leading hotelier to optimise rental rates and occupancy levels which in turn provide our apartment-hotel investors with great returns.


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